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Refreshing your website isn't the same as developing a new website. It's likely you're quite happy about your current website, but there are a few small issues you'd like to address. You'd like to improve your website and take it to the next level, the here and now. A touch-up, as it were.
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Refresh vs new website

There's a fine line between refreshing and building a new website. Which and when to choose for either depends on the situation. A good indicator to find out whether a new website would be the better choice, is the website's age. This, however, doesn't mean your old website has to be replaced completely.
Have a look at it's functionalities and user experience.
Take in account what version your website's system runs on, which is especially important when using a CMS like WordPress or Joomla!. In case your website's system is up to date, refreshing your website's better than building a new one. In case your website's running on an older version of a CMS, building a new website would be wise. Updating (really) old versions to the most recent version can be very risky. A lot can break. You can, however, still make use of your old URLs and content, and even transfer them to your new version, with minimal loss of SEO ranking.

What we'll do for you

Supposing we're refreshing your website, we'll have a good look at your corporate identity and check whether your website still matches. Additionally we'll test the user experience and suggest any improvements. For example, Google often changes it's design, but because those changes are extremely subtle and gradually applied you'd hardly notice the transformation.

If you know exactly what needs to be changed and you already have the list ready, we can do this for you too.

In addition, we consider it after-sales service to keep you as a customer up to date on any innovations in the field of web design and web development. Whenever we come across anything that can improve your website or discover a trend that perfectly matches your website, we'll inform you. If you then decide to refresh your website, we will make a plan together with you for a smooth transition to the new version.

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