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Danny's Dierenshop is a pet shop that is known to every pet owner in Veldhoven and surroundings. It's the place you can go to when you need advice about your dog, cat, fish, bird, rabbit or rodent, but the pet shop also offers special promotions and products for your pet.

The pet store was started in October of 1987, by Danny's father. Back then it was located in garden center Brans. Danny later relocated the pet shop to City Center Veldhoven. and opened the store again in February of 1995. At that time, the store was still part of a franchise, but since 2017 it has been independent and known as Danny's Dierenshop.

The issue

Although Danny's Dierenshop is known as a specialty store for pets in Veldhoven and the surrounding area, a modern landmark was missing: its own space on the World Wide Web. When the pet store was still affiliated with the franchise, there was only a mention of Danny's store on their website. However, when he continued independently, he did not immediately have his own website. He did, however, notice his customers do desire a website. Danny's own place on the web had to be realized.

Even though Danny's Dierenshop has a Facebook page and actively posts messages on it, this unfortunately doesn't seem to be enough to reach all customers. Part of his target group does not use this social media channel, which means they are missing the latest offers, promotions and new products.

The Indeks Solution

Together with Danny we looked at what Danny's Dierenshop really needs and also discussed what Danny wanted for his website.

We wanted to know what Danny's purpose of the website is. He mentioned that informing customers about, among other things, his location and opening hours is one of the goals for his website. In addition, communicating with the customer is an important aspect. Which made us think of things like an easy-to-find email address on his website or a contact form. The last goal mentioned was the online sale of (most) of the products that are being sold in Danny's physical store.

Eventually a WordPress website with WooCommerce plugin as webshop software was chosen in consultation with Danny

Danny's dierenshop

Veldhoven, The Netherlands

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Danny's dierenshop WordPress webshop met WooCommerce


(Web) design

Indeks Solutions looked at the wishes Danny had for his website. First of all, we asked which websites Danny liked, in order for us to imagine what design he'd like to see used.
He indicated that he would like a website that's not too busy. A website that looks calm and well readable both on both mobile and PC. Light and little text.

To determine how the website was going to be built, we made a pencil sketch with not only the page structure, but also some expected applications of the existing corporate identity.
This sketch provided sufficient insight to start the development of the website.

In order to visually make the website more attractive and to style it to Danny's corporate identity, we decided on implementing the images of animals from his logo and promotional material.
The website was built on a local server which wasn't available on the internet. Danny was shown screenshots throughout the development of the website, so he could monitor the progress and design process.


Danny's Dierenshop already had a corporate identity, but the illustrators that came with it, weren't complete. It was missing fish, rodents and birds. We've expanded the corporate identity's illustrations. We took inspiration from the current designs and used it to create new illustrations of missing animals: a bird, a fish, a hamster, a guinea pig and a turtle.

The images for the unique selling points, search bar and full-screen slider have also been restyled to match the corporate identity. This creates a unity in the design of the webshop.


During the customer meetings Danny expressed the desire to be able to fill the webshop with products and posts himself. After discussing multiple options we decided on the WordPress CMS as the way to go to develop the webshop.
WordPress makes it possible for Danny to post messages on his website, which he can easily use for Facebook posts too.

The WooCommerce plugin was chosen as webshop software. This allows Danny to sell his products online.
In case he'd like to add more products to his webshop in the product, he can do this himself by importing a CSV file. This file contains all the details of his webshop's products and can be edited on a local computer and doesn't require an internet connection. This way he can also update his entire online store by simply importing a new or renewed file again, without having to alter each product separate.


Danny's Dierenshop was already searched for in search engines such as Google and Bing. Not having a website, though, made it harder to find him on the internet. Facebook and a few directory pages with multiple business in Veldhoven listed, were the only things found in search results. In fact, Danny's direct competitors did show up in the search results when looking for Danny's Dierenshop.

Indeks Solutions has advised Danny on things he can do to have his website score higher in Google's search results and will continue to support him therein where needed. For example, we conducted a research to see what incomplete or incorrect information was still found on other websites when looking for Danny's Dierenshop. We shared the research results with Danny for him to have this rectified.

As part of our aftercare we'll keep track of how the website's doing in the search engines and whether the search engine optimization needs to be updated. As Danny will place more messages on the website and promotes his website to customers, he will rise in search results.


By having Indeks Solutions taking care of maintaining the website, Danny'll be sure the database gets backed up monthly, as well as safety updates running monthly.

Next to that, we'll ensure that his webshop works well in terms of products. We'll check the proper functioning of the CSV files and provide feedback to Danny on any errors we encounter.

In case we come across any interesting new features that apply to Danny's webshop, we'll inform Danny so he can decide whether he wishes to implement those features. Even in the future we'll actively provide solutions.

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