Security update

To ensure your website has a low chance of being hacked, it's important you have your website updated regularly. Templates, plugins and CMSs like WordPress or Joomla!, receive a regular update that solves security issues that have been found.
You do not have to perform security updates for your website on a daily basis, only when the theme, the plugin or the CMS itself releases an update. The CMS itself checks whether updates are available and lets you know if this is the case.

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What we'll do to prevent your WordPress or Joomla! website from getting hacked

It is not always possible to perform these updates simply by clicking on an update button. If your website has an older version of a content management system, we are obliged to first investigate what impact an update has on your website. Certain pieces of code can break because functionalities are called that no longer exist or are very modified.
In the event that we expect there is a risk that something will break when your website undergoes a security update, we will give you a brief overview of these risks and the possible next steps.

With every update, a temporary backup of your current website and database is made first. This temporary backup will be deleted after performing the update, to guarantee the privacy of your customers.

Security updates for custom websites

Updating for the safety of a customized website requires more work than security updates for a CMS. It is necessary to find out which system and which programming languages are used. For example, a framework such as Symfony or Laravel may be used. A framework is often linked to a specific series of versions of the programming code.
In addition, a customized website often uses different code from third parties. This is code that has been developed by developers other than the developers of your customized website.
Everything must be compatible with each other and this is where the extra work comes in.

The newer versions of PHP are 7.x or higher. If your website is version 7.0 or lower, a security update is required. However, this also means that all code must be checked. Functions that were still available in version 5.6, for example, may no longer be available in a version such as 7.3, because they are no longer safe to use.

Pricing for having security updates carried out

When you have Indeks Solutions carry out security updates once, we'll first look into which CMS your website uses, which version this CMS is currently at and which plugins are used. The costs are calculated based on this. Prices start at € 129.00. You are not tied to a long-term contract. To get a clearer picture of the costs, you can contact us.

How a customized website is made varies greatly. If you need security updates for your customized website, it is best to contact us so that we can give you a clear price for updating your website.

Prefer monthly maintenance?

Would you prefer us to keep your website up-to-date for a longer period instead of once? Then you can also contract maintenance with us for a minimum of 1 year. For more information and an overview with price indications you can look at our maintenance page.