Domain name & hosting

If you want a website or webshop, you need a domain name and hosting. The domain name is what you type into the address bar of your browser, which in our case would be ''. Hosting is online space to place your website's code, but also its content and database.
You don't have to register a domain name and purchase hosting at the same time. You can register your domain name months before your website goes live. That way nobody else can steal away your desired name while you're having the website developed. Once the development of your website's done, you'll need to purchase hosting for that domain name to have the website go live.

Although we advise you to purchase your domain name and hosting from the same party, it isn't mandatory. It does, however, make it easier to set up invoices and you won't have to keep track of changes at two different locations.

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Domain name extension

A domain name has an extension, by which we mean a Top Level Domain (TLD) here. The most common extensions are '.nl' for Dutch pages, '.com' originally for commercial purposes, '.net', '.org' for non-profit organizations and '.edu' for educational websites.
Where we used to be limited in extensions and the extension had to be representative of the expected content of the website, nowadays we have more free choice. For example, if you're into photography, you can now choose from '.photo', '.photograpgy' or even '.pictures', but '.org' and '.edu' are now also free to choose.

Size of your hosting package

If you do not have a website yet, our advice is always to start small. You can always increase your hosting package. However, if you expect a lot of traffic to your website as soon as it's live, for example because you do a lot of promotion for it, a larger package is often better.
The size of your hosting package also depends on how much data needs to be in your database or will enter your database in a short time. The number of databases that your website or webshop uses can also cause you to have to pick a more expensive package.

Arrange domain name & hosting yourself or outsource it

You can easily arrange your domain name and hosting yourself, but make sure you know what your website or webshop needs when it comes to hosting. Consider the amount of databases, any e-mail addresses and data storage.
If you don't have the time to research all you'll need for your website, or would rather not arrange it yourself? You can also outsource it to Indeks Solutions.

No-nonsense costs and title deed

If you have your website or webshop made at Indeks Solutions and you choose to arrange domain name and hosting via us so that you have one invoice, no additional administrative costs will be added.
We'll hand you a title deed, declaring the domain names we will have arranged for you are your property, as long as you pay your invoice for it.