Desktop publishing (DTP)

Desktop publishing (DTP) is the preparation of documents on the computer for printed materials. In particular items such as magazines, books and brochures with multiple pages. Through this the position of text and photos is determined in relation to the design and typography.

Well-known programs for desktop publishing are Adobe InDesign and LaTeX.

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Prepare content

The text placed in a DTP program is prepared in a word processor in advance. This can be a program such as Microsoft Word or Apple Pages. These programs are specially designed to make texts grammatically correct. It is possible to modify text in a DTP program, but this is often not desirable, because word processors have more advanced tools than desktop publishing software.

Images that are processed in a DTP program are also externally prepared for placement. For example, photos are first modified in Adobe Photoshop and illustrations (preferably in vectors) are first created in a drawing program such as Adobe Illustrator.

In addition to textual parts and photos, a DTP document can use other graphic elements. In recent years, infographics have been a popular means of providing insight into statistics. Next to graphs and other geometric components you can also use other graphical elements that at first glance make clear your DTP product concerns your brand. The individual design of graphic components must be in line with your corporate identity and falls under the preparation of the content of your DTP product.

Voorbeelden van DTP-producten

Printed material

Photo editing
PDF documents
Style elements

Indeks Solutions takes care of every step in the development of your DTP products and can also help you prepare materials for printing. Feel free to ask about the possibilities for photo editing or typography.

Prepare DTP products

The components that you have designed for your DTP products are part of your corporate identity. Process guidelines of the developed products can be found in your corporate identity document. Do you not have a corporate identity document yet or do you want to add new parts to it? Indeks Solutions is happy to help you with this.

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