The two Ms behind Indeks Solutions

Posted on 17-06-2019 at 10:00 in General

Indeks Solutions was founded by two quirky women; former fellow students and friends: Mariëlle Verwimp and Maartje Groenen.

We both did the same education: ICT & Media Design at the university for applied sciences in Eindhoven. Though we both specialise in completely different aspects of ICT, we kept running into each other in different situations and experiences through the years.

Having done the same education, we complement each other in our competences. After all, we know what we've got in common.
Marriëlle's passionate about backend development and Maartje is about designing what needs to be developed.

After university Mariëlle decided to focus on backend development in several different companies. Maartje, on the other hand, started as a freelance (web)designer, but ended up working at a special IT company.

This was the perfect moment to start a business together

In the spring of 2019 Mariëlle contacted Maartje, telling about her contract ending at her job. Surprisingly, Maartje actually had the exact same news to tell Mariëlle, which made this the perfect moment to start a business together.

What makes our business unique?

To start a business in itself isn't unique, let alone starting a web development company. We, however, both got experienced in working with people with a psychosocial disorder and noticed them struggling in employment. Without proper guidance a lot of them end up unemployed and drifting away from society.

Mariëlle's partner has multiple psychosocial disorders, which doesn't mean he's not talented. In fact, he's really good at what he does. Even though he'd like to have a paid job, he hasn't been able to find an environment that suits him and his abilities. Mariélle would like to be able to help him get gratification in life and employment.

Maartje grew up close to a person with Asperger syndrome. Despite this autistic disorder he made loads of friends in school, whom he then took to his house to play with. They all had some type of a psychosocial disorder. Having been around these kids gave Maartje hands-on experience in how to deal with their special needs. Experience which she was able to use in her previous job: guiding young adults with ASS and teaching them how to make websites and print products.

We hope our knowledge and experience will provide a solution to a social problem.

Do you care for our cause and would u like to support it with an ICT project? Then contact us, no strings attached.

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