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This is where the online advertising world meets the analogue advertising world.
The analogue advertising world still plays an important role in marketing. Think of flyers, posters, billboards, advertisements and much more, both nationally and locally. Although more and more people are finding their way to the internet, printed material is still often encountered in daily life. For example, when one walks to the bus stop, enters a city or gets the local newspaper from their mailbox.

Don’t forget packaging materials for products from web shops. Especially businesses with both an online and an offline presence need unity to guarantee their company is recognizable.

Indeks Solutions helps you set up a strategy for web and print products. We advise you in the matters that you must take into account, what steps you can take to put your company on the map. Both digital and analogue.

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With a good strategy for web and print you ensure campaigns that both online and offline, digital and analog, make your presence known and leave an indelible impression.
Bringing printed matter and digital advertisements together ensures a large reach and strengthens the campaign. You ensure more contact moments between your target group, unexpected interested parties and your brand.

By using various channels and advertising materials you reach a larger audience.
It is always wise to address your target group where you expect them. Think about through which channels (old media, new media and social media) you can reach your target group in advance. Also take into account when, where, how often and under what circumstances.

You can launch the campaigns that you run through web and print products in phases. These phases are part of a larger web and print strategy.

It is important to stand out visually. Make the message that you want to convey short and to the point.

Printed material

A good strategy for web and print contains both small and large printed matter in combination with a digital strategy. This printed matter can consist of everything that can be printed and printed on.
You can think of materials to give away. Such as flyers, leaflets, business cards, brochures and even tape recordings.
In addition, your advertisement may be part of a larger print, such as a page or advertisement in a magazine.

In addition to printed advertising materials, you can also think of printed items, such as merchandise or corporate clothing. Next to giving away these materials, you could sell them or use them within your organization.

Because printed matter is a physical product, it is bound to a location or physical delivery of the product.
You should also consider the sustainability of your printed message. The information on the printed materials will not change, but your business processes may.

Web and digital advertising

When designing advertising material, you must take into account the medium on which this material will be displayed. Printed matter requires completely different settings than digital advertisements.


To transfer the correct colors for advertising material that will be shown on a screen, you need to use RGB settings. This applies to all digital advertisements. Both on television and on the web, but also on a digital billboard and all other digital media that are shown through a light source.

All advertising material that is printed uses CMYK settings. CMYK stands for the primary ink and toner colors: cyan, magenta, yellow and 'key' (black). When you have chosen your CMYK colors, your printed matter should look the same everywhere worldwide if you have it printed there.

Moving image vs. still image

It may happen that your advertisements themselves consist of moving images, but also images that they are shown at a time when the receiver is moving. Digital advertising can consist of moving images, but it is also possible that the person who sees your advertisement is moving and, for example, passing by a sandwich board on a lamppost while driving. You then only have a very short moment to grab the attention of the recipient and convey your message. Include this in the design of your advertising material.

If your advertisement can be viewed at a calm or still moment, you can provide much more information in your message to convey to the recipient. However, in order to get to a point where the recipient wants to absorb this information, you must first get the attention of your user. Consider carefully what your recipient's situation is. Does the recipient only see your advertising material or does your material share the space with other advertising materials that also try to grab attention? Can the recipient take your advertising material with them and view it calmly at a self-chosen moment or does it have to deliver the message on the spot?

In addition to the message that your advertisement can convey at a glance, it is also important to think about the continuation of this message. The longer you can hold the attention, the more important your message will be. This applies to both printed matter and digital, but is especially important for your online presence.

Indeks Solutions is happy to help you design all your advertising materials and design campaigns to get your message across as well as possible.

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All your advertising materials are designed according to your corporate identity and incorporated into your corporate identity document. When you have new materials designed, it is important to expand your current corporate identity document with an overhaul for printed matter and digital style elements.

In addition to supplementing an existing corporate identity, Indeks Solutions also develops completely new corporate identities.

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