A good marketing strategy is important to get good sales results. A user-friendly website, which is optimally structured, is a significant factor in this. All your printed materials play an important role in this as well. Everything must be in line with each other so that customers can instantly recognize your company, organization or association.

Indeks solutions is happy to help you and will give you advice on web design and strategy in web and print.

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Advice if you already have a website

If you already have a website, but maybe it is a bit older, we can look at it with a fresh look. We will look at the user experience and user interface, also called UX/UI design, for optimum user-friendliness of your website. When we do this we ask ourselves questions such as:

  • Is it easy to go through your website?
  • Are there things happening that the user does not expect at all?
  • Or did you expect something completely different from the user?
  • Do not forget about the layout of your website on a mobile device. Is everything displayed correctly on a mobile phone?

We will look at the current trends in web design and how your website can improve using those. For each of the trends we will check whether it fits your website or not. Not every trend there is needs to be incorporated. You can also pick the ones you wish to apply yourself.

The advice we provide you with, is not only based on your website, product, service or goal, but also what your plans are for the future and what is possible within your budget.

Advice if you do not have a website yet

You don't have a website yet, but there are so many options making it confusing to make a choice. At this point it's important to step away from the ‘website' idea and look at where you want to go to regarding your company, organization or association. From there, together we will have a look at which website system and design will suit your requirements best.

Your target group will play an important role in this. Research which platforms your target group is located on and how you can best reach them. Indeks Solutions has extensive experience with many different target groups and is happy to provide you with advice on your target group.

WordPres advice

When you choose a WordPress website, there are still plenty of things you need to take into account and make choices on. Think about what template you wish to use, this can be a free or a paid one. Also, there are many different plugins available to choose from, which will extend the functionalities of your WordPress website.

Together with you we'll look at your requirements and will find the plugins that match those requirements, taking your budget into account. As well as what pages you need and what information you could display on them and on your blogs.

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Joomla! advice

When having a Joomla! website you need to pick a template as well choosing what functionalities should be added to the website with extensions. Multiple extensions can be found that offer the same functionality, so picking the right one is not easy and requires some research.

We will gladly help you with these choices and other questions you may have about your Joomla! website.

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Strategy for web & print

A strategy for web & print is an important part of every marketing strategy. The visual part that makes your product or service stand out among competitors.
Because web & print must stand out, primarily visually, it is important to have a clear and concise overview of the message you want to convey to your target group. How you will spread this message depends on your target group. This not only concerns the media channels (old media, new media and social media) on which you can reach them, but also when, where, how often and under what circumstances.
We are happy to think along with you in developing a web & print strategy that helps you achieve your goals and to provide you with advice to implement the strategy.