Stenfert PuurHout phase 1 – the finishing touches

Stenfert PuurHout offers robust, custom-made, wooden furniture from slabs of entire tree trunks.

On the website you can find an overview of various furniture and other completed projects. You can also find information about the materials used.

If you have more questions, there are several options for contacting Stenfert PuurHout. You can also request a quote directly on the website.

The problem

Although Stenfert PuurHout already had a website that had been indexed by search engines for over a year, there were a number of issues that could use a little extra attention.
From minor style errors, inconsistencies and spelling errors, to an improvement of the overall user experience.

The Indeks Solution

During the first meeting we have drawn up a list of all issues that need to be addressed on the website, as well as new changes to the website and promotional products. We also looked at what really has priority, and it was then decided to implement the adjustments in phases.

Stenfert Puurthout

Standdaarbuiten, The Netherlands

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A keyword analysis and competition analysis has been done in order to write new content for the website. These analyzes are performed several times over the coming months.

The results that adjustments to the content entail as a result of the analyzes are always communicated with Stenfert PuurHout and included in advice for new adjustments to the content.

Reply e-mail template

Reply e-mail template

When customers requested a quote via the forms on the website, they only received feedback from the website when the request was sent, stating that the request had been sent. In addition to the fact that there was no possibility for the customer to check what had actually been sent, the form often did not work well, if at all.
The entire form has been replaced. There are now new input fields, the design has been subtly adjusted and an e-mail is now sent to the customer when the form has been sent.

The reply e-mail template customers then receive is designed in such a way that it is correctly displayed by all e-mail programs and customers can now read back their sent request for quotation.


There are many photos on the Stenfert PuurHout website, but a few photos were not relevant (anymore) and new ones may be added.

In the future, Indeks Solutions will continue to add new photos to the current selection to keep the website representative.

Textual adjustments

We have adjusted texts across the entire website, from correcting errors to implementing changes.

In Dutch there are two ways to say you: a formal u or a non-formal je/jij. Many serious businesses prefer to use the formal version. Stenfert PuurHout also uses the formal u. However, this was not implemented consistently and we therefore checked all texts on the use of u and je/jij, and made sure only u was being used from then on.

In addition, we came across some spelling, grammatical and style errors in the texts while reading. These too have been corrected immediately.

Buttons and modules

There were a number of buttons that did not lead to the right page or did not serve the right purpose. These have been replaced or modified and are now functioning properly.

The Facebook feed didn't function correctly anymore for everyone. This module has been replaced and it now does show all the latest messages from Stenfert PuurHout on the social medium.

Phase 2 - new (web) design

For the next phase, Indeks Solutions is working on a graphic upgrade of the website, in line with future printing materials.

At that time, new content will also be implemented or has already been implemented, as a result of which new keyword analyzes will also be carried out in order to optimize the Stenfert PuurHout website for search engines.

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