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H.Loonen Transport from Bergeijk is a transport company specialized in courier services and international fast transport. Because they always work with a local team, their customers will always see a familiar face that can be deployed quickly.

The transport company is a true family business. Founded in 1989 by Harrie Loonen as a taxi company and since 2005 fully focused on transport. Continued by Rob and Lorette Loonen.

In October 2019 they celebrated the 30th anniversary of the company and this was, among other things, done with the development of a new, modern website.

The problem

H.Loonen Transport already had a website and there was also sufficient information on it to reach them. However, it also contained information that was now incorrect and the website was no longer functioning properly.

The old website was not responsive, it did not scale to all the different screen sizes of today. The website was not displayed correctly on a mobile phone and it was unreadable without zooming in.

In addition, findability of the old website in the search engines was not optimal. When people were looking for a transport company in the region, they often found competing companies.

The Indeks Solution

After some discussions with Rob and Lorette about the renewal of the website, a desire to be able to change the text and photos on the website in the future emerged. It was then decided to develop the website entirely in WordPress.

Just by renewing the website and applying search engine optimization, H.Loonen Transport can now be found in all search engines on the first search engine results page when looking for a transport company in the Bergeijk region.

H.Loonen Transport was not active on any social media platform. They are now connected to LinkedIn.


Bergeijk, The Netherlands

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Indeks Solutions has completely put the old website aside and has started all over again.
The menu structure has been completely overhauled and every page has its own layout with unique structure.

Whereas the old website only filled about 50% of the browser screen on a desktop, a full-width design has now been chosen, with an emphasis on photography, color and slanting elements. The oblique elements follow the oblique angle used in the H.Loonen Transport logo.

Their branding color, blue, was the only color used on the old website in addition to standard black, white and gray, which combined did not look very fresh or attractive. A new color was allowed to be added to the pallet. Preferably eye-catching and fresh.
A light lime green tint has been chosen.

First, a sketch was made of the homepage and the about us page to discuss what the new layout would be. After that, a first concept in full-color, including some photos, was drawn digitally.
Now it became clearer where the texts should go, how long those had to be and where extra photos could be placed.

To get a sense of how the website works before development, screenshots of the concept pages have been incorporated in the InVision app. This way the screenshots became a clickable prototype.

After some changing some texts around and replacing photos, the development of the website could commence.


A user-friendly CMS was chosen to build the new website in, allowing the customer to partially edit the website oneself: WordPress.

Every page of the new website is mostly unique in design. With that knowledge, the choice to use the WordPress plugin Elementor was made. This plugin makes it easy to build a web page with individual elements and to shape them separately.

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