FindyourBike phase 1 - a fresh new design

FindyourBike is an online marketplace where you can find new and used mountainbikes, racing bikes and sporting e-bikes. Both individuals and businesses can place advertisements here to sell their bikes.

FindyouBike started in 2014 under the name ‘Fietsenmarktplein’. Back then it was possible to place advertisements for every type of bicycle. Since 2019, the company has been focusing on sporting bikes. It offers extensive filtering options to find your dream bike.

The issue

The biggest problem was the website being neither readable nor pleasant to use on a mobile phone. In addition the design was no longer in the latest trends and the owner wanted to give the website a fresh new look.

The Indeks Solution

Indeks Solutions has had several meetings with FindyourBike to discuss the layout and design of the website. It was important to find out how the elements that did not function correctly on mobile devices should be working. For example, resizing an image was a major issue that needed to be addressed. We asked FindyourBike which websites they liked and used these as inspiration to create a completely new layout for the landing page (home), search results page and advertisement page.


Tilburg, The Netherlands

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The owner of FindyourBike wanted new colors for the website, to make it look less dark. For this reason we started looking for the right color combinations for the website. This included looking at colors used by direct competitors and other sport-related websites.

The final color palette became 2 colors of blue, orange, gray and white.

Applied web design trends 2019/2020

Curves for input fields and buttons are on the rise again. Just go take a look at the search bar of Google,, IKEA but also the design of Twitter buttons. This trends stems from the curves of modern smartphone screens and mobile-first design.

The round shapes are part of the organic trend in UI design, with soft, flowing shapes. This trend also includes the processing of colors in soft tones that are in proportion to each other. This too has been applied in the FindyouBike website, where every shade (except the orange accent color) is derived from the primary color. As a result, the palette and thus the website become a whole.

Responsive design

You must have heard of the saying less is more. When designing a website for mobile devices, that applies even more. The owner of FindyouBike indicated that too much information was being displayed on his website when looking at it on a mobile phone. Especially the landing page was an eyesore for him.
The homepage used to display 8 featured bikes, now it will only show 4. When viewed on a mobile device, the featured bikes will be shown in a carousel that automatically shows the next bike in the series after a few seconds.

Advertising page photo gallery

The gallery with photos of a bicycle on the advertisement page wasn’t scaled properly nor very clear on a mobile phone. Indeks Solutions gave the CSS file an upgrade for this component of the website to optimize the space that is available. The photos and previews thereof are now scaling correctly.

Searching made even easier

The search filters on FindyourBike depend on the category you choose. Say you pick racing bikes, they have different filters than sporting e-bikes. Sometimes, however, filters were shown that did nothing at all, such as the filter ‘frame’ for the category parts or the category accessories. Indeks Solutions has solved this problem for FindyouBike. The order of these filters per category are now also as desired.


The FindyourBike website is still under development. The new design and the update of a better user experience is only the first phase in the process. Indeks Solutions will helpa and advice FindyourBike further in the future.

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