Website content maintenance

Whether you have a static website or one with a database, the content of your website, such as texts and images, changes with the times. These changes aren't on a daily or weekly basis, but perhaps monthly or for a specific holiday or season. For example, you could wish your website visitors a happy New Year at the end of the year. Or perhaps there is a specific time of the year when you see your sales figures for a specific type of product rise and wish to promote that product even more on your website.

Indeks Solutions is happy to help you with adjusting your website's content to your needs and wishes. You provide us with the texts and images and we ensure that they are displayed on your website in a professional and legible manner.

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Why adjusting the content of a website is important

Whenever you adjust your content, search engines will notice this. They'll crawl and rank your website again. Therefore, updating your content can influence how people can easily find your website.
When you change the content, it is important to take the findability of your website into account. How would you like to be found? Which information is important to display on the page? To answer these questions and help you write your text optimally we could get you started with an SEO audit.

Edit content yourself or outsource it

When your website is made with a CMS such as WordPress or Joomla!, you can easily edit the content yourself. If you have little time to do so, maybe wish to have it professionally formatted or you want to minimize the risks of errors and slow loading times, it would be wise to outsource editing your content.

Content maintenance costs

The cost of content maintenance depends on many factors. What needs to be adjusted? Are you using a CMS? If not, what are you using? What is the desired formatting? That and many more factors. For a one-off content maintenance session prices start at € 49,00. To get a clear picture of the costs, please contact us and state what needs to be done to your website.

Not one-off content maintenance, but monthly?

Do you prefer to send us the changes you wish to have made to your website without getting a new bill for each adjustment? We offer a maintenance contract of at least 1 year to make this possible whenever you need changes. For more information, a complete overview of all our maintenance services and a price indication you can look at our maintenance page.