The world wide web is constantly changing. New versions of HTML, CSS, PHP and other programming languages are being released every year, adding new functionalities and fixing older ones or removing them entirely because they proof to unsafe. To guarantee the safety of your website or webshop it is important to keep it maintained.

You can choose to carry out this maintenance yourself, though this may be very time-consuming. At Indeks Solutions we understand you'd rather spend this time helping your customers. For this reason, many companies forget about the maintenance of their website. As a result, Google and other search engines will think of the website as less important. This in turn means that the website will gain a lower score in the search engine, which means it will be found less and less.

At Indeks Solutions we ensure that your website or webshop receives the attention it deserves. We offer various options to have your website well maintained by us, even when your website is not made by us.

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Why is maintenance important?

The maintenance of your website or webshop is important to guarantee its safety. Hackers regularly find new ways to obtain the data from your website. Especially webshops are very interesting to them, given the potentially sensitive information, such as bank details. To prevent hackers from stealing this information it is important to keep your website up-to-date.

When you keep your website well-maintained, it will influence the speed of your website. A website that is not maintained will quickly become outdated, compared to well-maintained websites. This is because unmaintained website won't use the latest updates that are made, which will improve the page's loading time. The lower you website's page speed is, the lower it will score in search engines will be. So, to keep your website fast and easily findable, it is important you keep it up-to-date.

Even when you have a website that doesn't use a database, it is still important that you maintain it. New developments don't stand still. Design trends come and go. If your website does not follow some of the trends your visitors will quickly notice this. This can affect the number of visitors in the long run.
This doesn't mean you have to completely redesign your website every month, but you can slowly add the latest trends via a small refresh.

Website refresh

The influence of website maintenance on SEO

Of course you want to be found on the internet. Search engine optimization (SEO) is therefore important.
However, having only text as content on your website will not be enough to make your website findable. Search engines such as Google prefer websites that are well maintained. If you the text on your website is too small to read according to the new standards for mobile phones, Google will know this. It will be penalized with a lower score. Since July 1, 2019, the indexing of Google puts your mobile version first.

The way search engines rank your website in the search results will change with the years. Having a mobile version of your website used to be less important than it is now. Today you will score lower if you do not have one. The lower your score in search engines, the lower you'll rank on the search results page.

More about SEO

When does my website require maintenance?

  • When your website is slow.
  • When your website cannot be found easily by search engines.
  • When you get hacked.
  • When the version of your CMS or plug-in is lower than the current available version.
  • When the content of your website hasn't been changed for more than a year.
  • When you want to make seasonal adjustments to the content of your website.

What kind of maintenance there?

There are four types of maintenance for a website:

  1. technical maintenance
  2. design maintenance
  3. content maintenance
  4. database maintenance

In order to keep hackers from gaining access to the data in your database, it is important to keep you website secure and up-to-date. Nowadays it is also important to have your website work well on a mobile device, next to a desktop. And, let us not forget the speed of your website. All these fall under technical maintenance.

At Indeks Solutions we keep an eye on the latest developments and what the impact will be on your website or webshop. Your website or webshop should not break when you update your it. Whenever an update needs to be made to your website, we make a backup beforehand. This is stored in the cloud so your website will never be lost forever.

Security update

The design of your website is never static. Every year new trends in web design appear. Such as the metro grid, as known from Windows 8, which was extremely popular in 2013. This doesn't mean that you must rigorously adjust your website every single month. Trends slowly evolve over time and often are not permanent, but will lead the way to new standards. Small adjustments to one's website is usually enough to give it the fresh look of today.

Everything that has to do with colors, design and layout falls under design maintenance. At Indeks Solutions we keep an eye on the latest trends for you and will advise you on what the right trends are to apply to your website.

Website refresh

In most cases the content of your website is dynamic. For example, the banner of your website may change at Christmas to wish your visitors happy holidays. Text may also be adjusted, sentences can be changed or an entire article can be added or removed.
Indeks Solution can upload the texts you provide us for you, this way you reduce the risk of something going wrong and you won't have to spend hours doing it yourself.

Website content maintenance

When you use Joomla! or WordPress on your website, you are using a database just like a customized website with a database. All your pages, blog posts, orders and much more is going into this database. It is therefore important to maintain this and make regular backups.

Database maintenance

Maintain the website yourself or have it be done for you

Technical maintenance of a website is more than just clicking the update button and be done with it. What if something goes wrong? What if the layout of a page breaks down, what will you do then? Using the return button in the browser won't work.
So, before updating your website, you should make a backup of it as well as of its database. After this you go through the changelogs of the update. This way you may already spot something that could possibly break your website due to an adjustment in the update. After this you can perform the update.

With the update done, you go through every page and check if they are still working the way they should. An unexpected problem can always originate after an update.
Did something break? If so, how can it be fixed? You don't have much time, after all, your website is already live and all your visitors will see the problems, something you obviously don't want.
What about the functionalities of your website? For example, the search field or a contact form, do they still work? Do any of your plugins have an update available? In this case you go through the same process.

In short, there is a lot involved when you perform technical maintenance. With minimal knowledge you will be busy for a couple of hours. If your time is valuable, it is best to outsource the technical maintenance of your website.

Design maintenance is when you want to change the colors or layout of your website. You should keep in mind that these changes need to be tested on different screens after the adjustment has been made. Check the change on a mobile phone, tablet and a desktop. Heed that every device displays it differently. An Apple device can show your new layout different than a Samsung device.
Ensure you've made a backup before you change anything. If something goes wrong, you can still reset to the old code.
Design maintenance can also take up quite a bit of your time. If you prefer to keep the risks low, it is better to outsource this.

At last you can perform the content maintenance yourself or outsource it as well. This is the most important maintenance among them when it comes to generating traffic to your website. A website that regularly updates content, such as a blog post, will obtain more visitors. Google will see this website changing constantly and keep a closer eye on it, thus often ranking it as more valuable.
In case you don't have enough time to keep posting something new yourself, there are companies that can write content for you.

Maintenance costs for a Joomla! or WordPress website

WordPress and Joomla! use plugins to add extra functionalities to your website or webshop. To turn your website into a webshop there is the J2Store or VirtueMart extension for Joomla! and the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress. New versions of the plugin become available on a regular basis. These versions solve problems in security, fix bugs or add a new functionality.
The content management system (CMS) itself regularly gets new versions as well. These updates are especially important to implement. However, it is possible that updating your CMS will break some of your priorly installed plugins, because of functionalities working differently, being renamed or having been completely removed.


The maintenance of every website is different. Therefore we adjust the pricing for maintenance accordingly. We will keep track of the updates of plugins and the CMS itself. Before running any updates, we will make a backup of your website and database. We will also check the impact of such an update before running it. For more options, please contact us.

Maintenance to a WordPress/Joomla! website from € 14,99 per month.
Maintenance to a WordPress/Joomla! webshop from € 29,99 per month.

Maintenance costs of a customized website

The maintenance of a custom made website is more difficult than that of a WordPress or Joomla! website. Depending on what the custom website uses, it may take more time. After an update, the entire website needs to be retested, to ensure everything still works as it should. This may entail more work when problems are found, which need to be resolved immediately.


Indeks Solutions will adjust prices based on what your customized website uses. If your website has a database, we will make a backup of it once a month. The impact of updates is analyzed and code is adjusted where necessary to guarantee your website will not break down.

Maintenance of a customized website without database from € 34,99 per month.
Maintenance of a customized website with database from € 59,99 per month.

No monthly maintenance, but one-time-only?

If you don't want to perform monthly maintenance, it is possible to have this done just once, without a recurring payment. For small changes to the design and content, you can look at our website refresh page. For technical maintenance you can check our security updates page.