We visit physical stores less and less, and replace those visits by doing our purchases online. With a few simple clicks you can fill your online shopping cart and fit clothing the very next day in the comfort of your own bedroom. E-commerce has become an integral part of our lives.
The internet is an excellent location to sell your products or services through a webshop that is designed specifically for your target group and according to your requirements.

At Indeks Solutions we deliver professional and user-friendly webshops created in WordPress or Joomla!. Your website design and functionality will be tested extensively before being put online.

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What can e-commerce be used for?

Your web store can contain anything. You can sell both physical and digital products or even sell a service. A few examples:

  • Products such as clothing, household items, floors, kitchens etc.
  • Reservations for hotel rooms, rooms, tables for a restaurant etc.
  • Digital products such as e-books, photos, illustrations etc.
  • Hiring a DJ, band, cleaner etc.

The benefits of a webshop

  • By having a webshop your business is not tied to the location you are physically at. This makes it easier to reach the entire country or even the entire world.
  • Even when you have finished your workday, your web store will continue as usual. The new orders are ready to be processed in the morning.
  • You can offer a wider range of products, even when they are not currently in stock.
  • You can promote specific products with other products.

Business-to-business (B2B) & business-to-consumer (B2C)

A webshop doesn't need to be aimed at the consumer. You could also focus on other companies for selling your products or services. Note that business-to-business and business-to-consumer require two completely different strategies and they both comply with different regulations. State who your customers are when you have a webshop made for you.

How to have a webshop developed in 5 steps

A webshop has a fairly long list of requirements, since its development is quite a lengthy process. You'll need all the prices for your products or services that you are going to sell on the webshop. You also need to check whether the digital price is higher than when someone visits the physical store. Texts for the products or services need to be written and photographs need to be taken.

To develop a user-friendly web store, you will have to go through 5 steps.

  1. Research what your webshop needs.
  2. Design a concept for all parts of your webshop.
  3. Create your concept in your corporate identity and fill the website with texts and photos.
  4. Then test your website in details on different platforms.
  5. Finally update your website where necessary.

Start researching your website's purpose by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Why do you want a webshop?
  • Will the webshop be directed to consumers or other businesses?
  • What are the prices of the products or services you offer?
  • Are you going to use email marketing to promote your products or distribute (temporary) discount coupons?
  • Do you already have a domain? Is the desired domain name still available?
  • Apart from sales, what other goals does your webshop have?

Now that you know what you want to achieve with your webshop, you can have a look at what else you will need.

Which pages do you think you will need?

A webshop will need a landing page, many have a contact page and of course an overview of the products and/or services. You will also need the pages that the law imposes on you, such as the privacy statement, cookie consent and general terms and conditions. Other possible pages are an about us page, a page with press releases and of course hundreds of other optional pages.

Which functions do you want on your webhop?

Given you want a webshop, you naturally need an online shopping cart and a check-out, but what other specific requirements do you have?

Your customers may have questions about products or services. You could add a contact form to your contact pages so they can easily get in contact with you. Consider what information you might need from your potential customer when they contact you.

Do you want to recommend an extra product or service when picking another product or service? You could also group products in your webstore to sell as a bundle. For example shoe polish with a new pair of leather shoes or a wrapping service during the holidays.

How do you want to guide your visitor through your webshop?

What does the customer see when they come to your webshop? Consider the amount of information that you display here and what impact it could have on the sales of specific products. Bear in mind that this information is displayed differently on each screen. In addition it is important to take mobile devices into account.

How will you categorize your products and/or services? How do you want your customers to find the products in your webstore?
If you are not sure how to best approach this, our web designer is happy to advise you.

Now that you have a strong concept, it is time to look at the practical issues of the webshop.

Corporate identity

Your webshop must be recognizable as part of your business. To achieve this, the design of your webstore will be based on your corporate identity.

Is your corporate identity in need of an update, or do you not have one yet. Our designer is happy to help you along.


When selling products, almost nothing is as important as photos. Make sure you have a good plan to determine what these should look like on your website. Take the dimensions into account so that your products are clearly visible on every screen size.


A good description of your products and/or services ensures that they can be found more easily. Give the product a proper name and provide the SKU whenever possible.

Inform your visitors about delivery times and delivery options. Can the visitor pick up his order in a physical store or only have it delivered?

Search engine optimization (SEO)

To ensure that your products are easily found in the search engines, you need to find the correct search terms on which you wish to be found. The SKU is a good search term to add to your product description. For some inspiration you could look at your competitors.

Your webshop will be extensively tested for functionality and design on various screen sizes and platforms.

Does the check-out page work? Are the correct emails sent out after an order is made? Is the stock adjusted after an order is placed? Do the right products come forward with a specific search on the webshop?

Are all the elements correctly displayed on a mobile device? Is everything still legible? Is there enough white space between the various components?

Your webshop is tested in Microsoft's Internet Explorer 11 and Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox for desktop. For mobile devices, your webstore will be tested in Google Chrome, the standard Samsung internet browser, Apple iOS Safari and Mozilla Firefox.

We do our utmost to develop everything properly, but it is not always perfect at once. Unexpected situations may arise or you may change your mind on an element during the process. To update your webshop, you make a list of all the small things that you see which are incorrect. For example, the size of a piece of text or different photo that should be used for a product.

WordPress webshop

A WordPress webshop will use the plugin WooCommerce. This offers you the possibility to sell services or products. Digital products are also an option.

Build a WordPress webshop for me

Joomla! webshop

With a Joomla! webshop we will use the J2store extension or VirtueMart extension to expand the CMS with webshop functionalities.

Develop a Joomla! webshop for me

Maintenance to your webshop

Developing your webstore never stands still. You will have new products to add, other products are dropped from the webshop or you have temporary promotions. You might have new images or texts for your pages. Whatever the change may be, we are happy to help you maintain your website.

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