Business card design

A business card's goal is contact.

You'll hand a (potential) customer a business card when you wish for them to reach out to you. Often a conversation precedes handing someone a card. A conversation in which you explain what it is you do and what your company stands for. To follow up this conversation, you provide your contact information.

A business card can be different for every situation in which it is given away.
For example, it can go with a product from a webshop to stimulate a future sale. In that case it is clear what the webshop has to offer, but you can emphasize your services extra.
Another time you could hand out a business card, is when you are networking. You do your sales pitch and to follow up on the conversation with your listeners in the future, you hand over your business card with mainly your contact details, company and position.

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A business card to hand out, not to go to waste

The trick is to make a business card stand out and not to waste. A card that stands out will often be kept longer than a card from which the information can also be found on the internet.


A business card is usually designed in the look and feel of the company or brand. The colors, shapes and font already ensure great recognizability. When you have just started your business and start networking, a card without a graphic design can suffice for a few months. However, it might be difficult for the recipient to later find your card and quickly link it to your company or brand.

Make your business card have a unique design that is not only in line with your corporate identity, but also embodies your product or service. Think of a card in the form of an object that you sell or work with.
In addition to color, shape and typography, you can also create a truly unique card by using special materials that match your field of work or target group. For example, think of a miniature foam mat as a yoga studio, a piece of leather as a shoemaker or a business card with a mirror effect for a portrait photographer.


It is advisable to stay within the dimensions of a regular business card, but this is not necessary. The biggest advantage of sticking to the standard formats is that your business card will always fit between the stack of other business cards and in special folders for these types of cards.

There are two standards that are used for business cards, based on the dimensions of a credit card. In Europe this is 85 x 55 mm. In America this is 3.5 x 2 inches and therefore more elongated than the European standard.


There is little space on the business card for information. The challenge is to place only the essential on there.

The most common data is: name, position, address, telephone number, e-mail address and website.
Nowadays, social media icons are also increasingly being added (whether or not in combination with the name of the channel).
Many people have both sides of the card printed, in that case there might also be enough space to add a slogan.

The content of a standard business card is unique for each person within a company, but the design is always the same or in line with the corporate identity. However, this does not have to be the case. In fact, the design of the business card can always be adapted to any person within the company, to create a brand experience that makes the card less likely to be experienced as generic.

Make your own business card or have one custom made

You can make a business card yourself through many websites, but you can also have a graphic designer create it for you.
At Indeks Solutions we design business cards that are truly unique and fully match your corporate identity. We are happy to think along with you about business cards that are memorable and will make you and your brand stand out from the crowd.



€ 69,00

incl. tax
  • 30 minutes session with a designer
    • Single sided
  • 1 revision
  • Delivery of business card in .png, .pdf and .eps


€ 219,00

incl. tax
  • 60 minutes session with a designer
    • Double sided
  • 2 revisions
  • Delivery of business card in .png, .pdf and .eps


€ 369,00

incl. tax
  • 90 minutes session with a designer
    • Double sided
  • 2 revisions
  • Delivery of business card in .png, .pdf and .eps


€ 519,00

incl. tax
  • 90 minutes session with a designer
    • Double sided
  • 2 revisions
  • Delivery of business card in .png, .pdf and .eps