The design of your products, brand and company determine a lot of how you come across to your customer, so that they have become acquainted with you and continue to play a role in recognition and brand recognition.

At Indeks Solutions we offer many forms of design to get your message across to your target group as well as possible. From web design and UX / UI design to graphic design and designs for printed matter.

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Corporate identity

The guidelines for designing and using your brand are laid down in your corporate identity document. Your corporate identity contains all conceivable parts that give your company a unique appearance among all other companies. Anything from logo and use of color, typography and tone-of-voice, to photography and other style elements, Indeks Solutions designs a complete corporate identity for you or applies your existing corporate identity to every design for a corporate identity carrier.

Logo design

Your company and message summarized in one image, that is the logo. A logo can consist of several parts: an emblem or brand mark, the word mark and possibly a pay-off.

You can determine how your logo is used in different corporate identity carriers in your corporate identity document. It contains all guidelines for both web and print and all variants for different views, the color combinations and much more.

Logo design Process logo in corporate identity

Business card design

Do you want your customers to contact you after a meeting? In that case it’d be useful if they could easily find your contact details. Giving a business card is a nice, small, personal gesture to do that.

The design of your business card is based on the guidelines of your corporate identity. What will be printed that business card is mainly contact information and the logo, but there is room for more. To make the card stand out you could, for example, use a different material that suits your company.

Have a business card designed


In addition to designs for printed matter and other graphic design, you can hire Indeks Solutions for all areas of design for websites and web applications. From graphic design for websites to UX / UI design, devising the user experience and designing the user environment.

Designing a good website goes through several phases and is a process that actually never stops. It starts with collecting everything needed for the website, after which the design process is started.

Research what the desired options for your website are and make sure its purpose is clear.
If you only want to inform your customers, take into account what information and how you wish to transfer this information to the customer.
If you want your customers to be able to perform an action on your website, for example order a product in a webshop or leave a message on a forum, describe this in advance as detailed as possible. Also pen down which pages you expect to need for your website and then determine which menu items you need.

When it is clear which elements the website needs, the first part of the web design can begin. Starting with a wireframe and workflow. These are no more than sketches of the most important pages with the positioning of the elements.
Even without any formatting you draw where, for example, the menu comes and how the menu items are divided. Besides that you also draw up from which pages you expect to be able to navigate to other pages outside the menu. When this part of the process of designing a website is done well, you can build on this strong foundation for years.

The pages are then designed with the sketches as a basis. The design will be in line with your corporate identity and therefore fully in line with your company and brand.
In addition to applying the colors and typography that go with your corporate identity, the position of photos and the expected content of these photos are also included in the design. It is not necessary at this stage to have all texts ready, but it is handy to be able to place all the headers. This also gives a better insight into where exactly what amount of text still needs to go and how the information transfer proceeds.

While designing, regularly distance from the design for the website, to look beyond the details to see how the design of the website comes across as a total picture. The design of the website must form a whole and individual style elements must be consistent.


Web design is sensitive to trends. Not every trend needs to be followed, but processing the biggest trends in the design of your website is absolutely advisable. As soon as trends are adopted by many large companies, websites that do not follow will look outdated.

Once you have finished designing the website you can start adding your most important texts to the design.
A good, legible distribution of texts on your website contributes to your position in search engines. For good search engine optimization, it is therefore very important how you design the environment in which your texts are placed. The positioning of text block elements is already done in the concept phase, but can still be refined during this phase.

Indeks Solutions also offers an SEO check and advice to get higher ranking in search engines results.

I want to optimize my website for the search engines

You can also test your web design before your website is developed. Test whether the design has the appearance that you expect and whether the message actually comes across to your customers. If visitors to your website have to perform actions on the website, also test whether these actions are performed correctly and whether the results are usable.

It is not inconceivable that after the test phase you still want to change things in the design of your website. Take your time before you develop your website.

Updating the web design never stops. As mentioned in the designing phase web design is sensitive to trends and trends come and go every year. Evaluate every year whether your website's design needs to be refreshed and be critical. If there is a trend that is being implemented by many internet giants, such as Google and Facebook, it should also be incorporated into your web design.

In addition, it is important for search engines that your website is updated regularly. A website that gets a lot of attention and is properly maintained is seen as important and will get a higher ranking in the search engine results.

At Indeks Solutions we keep track of the trends that play a big role and which of them are important for your website. In this way we prevent your website from looking outdated and we can optimally guarantee your position in search engines.

In addition to web design, Indeks Solutions also offers solutions for everything in the field of web development. We develop websites with and without a content management system, such as websites based on WordPress or Joomla!, or even websites without a database, but also web shops and more.

Have a website made Have a web shop made

Strategy for web & print

With the design of your brand, company and website completed, it is important to promote your online and offline presence. Increase your brand awareness and make your audience aware of the existence of your brand, company, product or promotion.
Even when you only run a webshop, offline awareness is often still important. After all, your customers will receive products or services from which they might physically benefit.

To spread a message that benefits your company, you can develop campaigns in which advertisements play an important role in both digital and analogue form.

Develop a strategy for web & print

Desktop publishing

Both digital and printed products are part of a good web and print strategy. Both are prepared digitally. Desktop publishing (DTP) means the digital preparation of documents for printed matter.

At Indeks Solutions you can have your printed matter prepared for the printing office. We design everything from brochures, magazines, flyers, folders and much more based on your corporate identity.

Examples of DTP products

Need more than a new website?

You can get even more out of your design products by processing them online. With Indeks Solutions you can also go for all kinds of web services.