A UI well begun is half done

Posted on 02-08-2019 at 17:00 in Design

You've got an idea and start to sketch. The image that's been playing in your mind is created on paper. A bit of color here, a picture there, add some text and you're off.
Time to take a step back and review what you just drew.
You started and know where you're headed. Now to figure out how to get there.

You stop.
A beginning has been made, choices were made, a part of the design has been created. You've built something and wish to add more.
That's when you've come to face a dilemma: you were inspired when you started and now you're stuck. You've come up against the choice to either continue, hoping you'll make it work, or to adjust what you've built, or… to demolish what you've created.


You started the project in a positive flow, have now come to a stop and are on your way down a downward spiral.
Demolishing anything you've created isn't fun. You've produced something with energy and enthusiasm, only to be burned out on its completion.

To avoid this, it's important to think ahead. Globally describe every interaction your customer is expected to make, mark down any steps you'd want your visitor to take and turn it into a roadmap for your website. You can now work out any details for each step.

The image you're now creating won't be ‘pretty', won't be ‘fun', let alone ‘high-end'. No. It's functional: a wireframe. The base that'll allow you to create something beautiful, engaging and of high quality. A foundation your project can build on and grow from.

A wireframe is no more than a visual of the workflow: what goes where and how?

A wireframe is no more than a visual of the workflow: what goes where and how? How does your customer reach your product's goal?
Even though your idea is but a sketch, you can start to test the feasibility of it's goal.

You can now start to add more to the website, make it look pretty and continue to test its purpose without affecting the website's core structure and thus avoiding getting stuck on its intended purpose. In fact, a good start will enable you to update and upgrade the user interface (UI) in the future. To meet the latest trends, without affecting the website's structure.

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