Inspiration behind our mission

Posted on 08-07-2019 at 10:00 in General

Our decision to start a company together was made in no time at all, much like our company's name.Shortly after the decision was made, Mariëlle came up with the idea of offering a workspace to people with a type of attention deficit disorder. Her reason for this proposal was her life partner: Jaric.

Jaric's been diagnosed with a form of attention deficit disorder. Early on in their relationship Mariëlle found out just exactly how difficult it is for Jaric to find a job that suits him and is adjusted to his needs.
Jaric has increased the internet speed in Mariëlle's home significantly by rerouting her home network completely: 2mb/s is now 50mb/s. He also breathed new life into a second hand office laser printer for Indeks Solutions.

Maartje, for whom a close acquaintance has Asperger's, was enthused by Mariëlle's idea to offer a workspace to people with a psychosocial disorder. Her previous job involved guiding young adults with developmental disorders and memory issues caused by acquired brain injury.

Not a daytime activity center, but…

Attainable work for everyone

You can find daytime activity centers everywhere now. These are places where people with a disability and welfare can go to, to participate in activities. One can think of care farms and groups for arts and crafts, but these days there's also the option to repair computers, develop websites, study photography and do many other work related activities.
During these activities the participants are supported by experts in the field of activity and guided by experts by experience.

These centers, however, do not offer a salaried employment. In fact, the participants pay the center to be a part of it's activities.
Not all people who receive social benefits for being unfit for work, albeit temporarily, partially or permanent, aren't allowed to earn a little on the side. Some actually are allowed to. There's a group who'd love to work, but wouldn't be able to in regular businesses.

Indeks Solutions wants to offer this group a salaried employment, fully adapted to their abilities. This way their talents don't go to waste and they'll have the ability to develop themselves and build confidence in the process.

Although Jaric has already done some small tasks for us, we hope to actually employ people with an attention deficit disorder in the near future. The faster we get new projects our employees can work on, the faster we can hire more.

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Mission & vision statement

Our businesses' goal was, much like our company's name, rapidly decided: offering modified work to motivated people with a psychosocial disorder. This led to our mission and vision statement:

We still see pigeonholing everywhere we go. Companies excluding talented people because they don't match their vision of the perfect employee. These people, with valuable knowledge, fall between two stools in the process.
Indeks Solutions thinks everyone deserves equal opportunity. Together with those excluded talents we'd like to passionately produce good and clear solutions for our clients.

It's our vision to provide attainable work for everyone.