The story of our name and logo

Posted on 17-06-2019 at 11:00 in General

In the spring of 2019 we had the idea of starting our own business. Which, of course, needs a suitable name and logo.

Mariëlle soon came up with the idea of the word ‘index'. A word she encounters on a daily basis in her work. When developing websites, index stands for the page where a website starts. Sometimes you can still find it in the address bar of your browser, it appears after the .nl or .com.We almost immediately knew how we wanted to use it as our company name: indeks, with ks.

Indeks Solutions stands for the beginning of solving problems in IT

To us, only 'indeks' wouldn't extend to the full core of what we wanted to portray as a company. To find inspiration, we turned to the internet and started looking at domain extensions. The standards of .nl and .com are very well known, but nowadays there are so many more possibilities. After a list of all kinds of possible extensions, we came across the word 'solutions'.

Indeks Solutions stands for the beginning of solving problems in IT, but also beyond that: we want to offer a solution to a group of people who might soon or are already no longer a part of employment. Everyone should be able to participate again.

The company logo had to symbolize this core value.

In order to not only combine the letters from indeks into a logo, Maartje also started combining the k and s with the x of the word 'index' in her sketches. Instead of just two intersecting lines, the letters form an asterisk (*).In code language we use the asterisk for 'include all'. For example, to call all code at the same time or to retrieve all data from a database.
This design depicts our core value with a nod and a wink to Indeks Solutions' field of expertise.

Interesting fact
In ASCII (bit-character coding for displaying letters, numbers and punctuation marks) the asterisk is located at position 42. Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy looks for the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything. The answer that was given is 42. The answer is therefore 'everything'.