About us

Indeks Solutions was founded by Maartje Groenen and Mariëlle Verwimp. Two quirky women and friends who have known each other since their studies ICT & Media Design at the university for applied sciences in Eindhoven. Each went their own way. Maartje's interest was in UX and UI design, while Mariëlle was more interested in programming.

Mariëlle always wanted to start her own business, which is why she had a minor in Entrepreneurship. However, after receiving her diploma, she first started working as a developer for several different companies to gain more experience in the development profession.

In high school Maartje chose the course management and organization, followed by business information technology at a university of applied sciences with a focus on starting your own business. When her classes offered an opportunity to switch to an IT specialization, she moved over. As soon as she was finished studying Maartje started as a freelancer, but something remained missing: a team.

Eventually Maartje decided to go back to working for employers, where she focused on knowledge transfer and guiding people.


At the beginning of 2018 Mariëlle started her relationship with her boyfriend, Jaric. He has a combined diagnosis for attention disorder and autism. Early in their relationship she found out just how difficult it is for him to find a job that suits him and is adjusted to his needs. She saw his talents, but he didn't get a chance to land a paid job. Mainly because they do not want to offer adapted work.

When Maartje and Mariëlle discussed the next steps in their career and started their own business early 2019, the decision to offer people at a distance to the labor market a job was quickly made.

Our name

On the same day as Maartje and Mariëlle decided to start a business together, Mariëlle came up with the word 'indeks' as the name of the company. The 'x' is replaced by a 'ks' to write it phonetically.
The inspiration for 'solutions' came to us after viewing some domain extensions (.nl or .com) on the internet.

Mission & vision

We increasingly see pigeonholing everywhere we go. Companies excluding talented people because they don't match their vision of the perfect employee. These people with valuable knowledge, fall between two stools in the process. We think everyone deserves equal opportunities. Together with this group we'd like to passionately work on good and clear solutions for our customers.

Our vision is therefore to provide accessible work for everyone.

Our goal

We want to be more than just a daytime activity for people with attention disorders. We want to offer them a real workplace, with contract, salary and everything adapted to their needs and abilities. For example, an office with an incentive-free zone or working hours that are tailored to what someone can and wants to do.

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How can you help

At this very moment we're in the early stages of our business. This means we're first looking to expand our customer base and generate enough money to invest in a bigger office. An office in which we can create quiet rooms.
As soon as the office is done we'll start looking for employees who currently struggle finding a real job. Until we can assure peaceful spaces within the office, we'll hire people at a distance to the labor market on project basis.

By submitting your design or development project to Indeks Solutions, you'll soon ensure a fixed workplace for our future employees.

Even if your project has been realized before a new workplace has been created, you'll still help. Your project will most likely need maintenance, which will be done by our new employees, under our watchful eye.

Maartje Groenen

UX/UI designer - founder & owner

Thinks it's hilarious how her profession is one of the most misunderstood professions in the world.
Maartje is eager to learn, thus occasionally easily distracted, but she also thinks fast and connects the dots between ideas to get to a solution in a bigger picture.
To really get away from it all Maartje loves to visit festivals and concerts. She's a rock chick with hair that's been dyed almost any possible color, even our Indeks corporate identity colors.

Even though she'd long been an avid user of computers and discovered designing digitally early on, she prefers drawing on paper and writing with a fountain pen. The same with games and puzzles... In her spare time Maartje likes to play online games. Especially games one can play with others and have elements of solving puzzles and riddles. When possible she does, however, prefer paper puzzle booklets, card and board games over digital games.

Your IT issue is my puzzle. A challenge that I'd gladly accept. It's in the details. Go that extra mile for the right experience. I will analyze the interaction people have with your brand, user environment, product or service and implement it into a corporate identity, website or other design.

During her studies Maartje discovered she wanted to specialize in interaction design. She did internships in this field and even gained experience in gamification. However, her activities after her studies were a completely different application of her knowledge: guiding young adults with autism and teaching them the tricks of the web design trade.

Mariëlle Verwimp

Webdeveloper - founder & owner

Can be a bit of a workaholic, but whenever she's not focused on programming, she likes to play games. Board games, PC or console games, it makes no difference. She especially likes strategy, tycoon and simulation games.
Next to gaming she likes to collect Pokemon cards and LEGO. In between, she also frees up time for her passion to write and draw.

Mariëlle is dyslectic and switching letters around is her pitfall. When programming, you simply get a huge error on your screen, but life doesn't give that kind of feedback. It doesn't stop her from enjoying her hobbies.

During her studies she completed the minors Game design and Entrepreneurship. Her first internship she did in Malawi, where she helped design a system for stock and client management which had to be clear to people who hadn't had much training in computers.
After graduating in 2014 she started her career. Commencing as a junior developer she absorbed all the information like a sponge and moved herself up the career ladder. That's how she eventually became a software architect and Laravel coach at the Tilburg University.

The functionalities you desire for your website are Mariëlle's puzzle to solve for you. From database design to the finalized product, she'll not stop until her customers are happy about the results.

More on attention disorder

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, meaning a person can only focus on a task for a short period of time. An attention disorder has nothing to do with a person's intelligence or motivation. Someone who's been diagnosed with ADHD wants to do a lot at the same time, is often clumsy and hyperactive or experiences inner turmoil.

- source: https://www.altrecht.nl/synoniemen-ziektebeelds/aandachtsstoornis/

Meer over autisme

Autism is a disorder in the information processing of the brain. Someone who has autism receives a lot of disconnected pieces of information that are not directly related to each other, making it difficult to connect these pieces. For example, someone with autism experiences the senses (hearing, seeing, smelling and feeling) very differently than someone without. As a result, someone with autism can easily get overstimulated.
Connecting with others is often very hard for someone with autism. Recognizing facial expressions or body language is very difficult for them.

- source: https://www.altrecht.nl/synoniemen-ziektebeelds/autisme/